$1 or $2 million renewable coverage per year, per Insured person

Why Claria?

Claria International Health Plans offer a clear choice to protect your family's future, with generous comprehensive international coverage combining efficient and personal service. The Claria plans offer maximum flexibility, peace of mind and excellent value while ensuring competitive renewal rates for years to come. Claria stands for clarity and focus for today and tomorrow.

Deductible and Co-Insurance

The selected deductible applies per person, per policy year with a maximum of two deductibles per coverage period...

Deductible Waiver

Elimination of deductible towards the in-patient benefits in the country of residence for policies that have...

Freedom to choose:

Worldwide: Freedom to choose any doctor or medical facility anywhere in the world.
United States: Access to PHCS provider network, part of MultiPlan company one of the largest...

Medical Assistance 24 hours

One call to our 24-hour emergency call center provides you with immediate access to knowledgeable...


See the amount above for each plan.


Renewals are guaranteed for life of the policy. There is no maximum age for coverage as long as...


Private room 100%
Intensive Care 100%
Medicine 100%
Surgeon 100%
Specialist 100%
Diagnostic Services 100%
Cancer Treatment 100%
Companion for Minor $100 per day


Medical Visit 100%
Cancer Treatment 100%
Medicine (Post Hosp. - Max 6 months) $10.000
Prescription medicine $20.000
Alternative medicine (max. 12 visits) $50 per visit
Deductible elimination for admissions less than 24 hours

Maternity Benefits

Within country of residence
Normal delivery, Pre/ Post natal care, Elective C-Section $9.000
Medically necessary C-Section $13.000
Single mother rider $4.000
Conservation of umbilical cord stem cells up to $2.000
Outside country of residence
Normal delivery, Pre/ Post natal care/Elective C-Section 80% up to $15.000
Medically necessary C-Section 80% up to $15.000

Additional Benefits

Congenital conditions (Lifetime) $500.000
Organ transplant (Lifetime) $1.000.000
Bone marrow transplant (Lifetime) $350.000
Air ambulance 100%
Temporary coverage (during underwriting) $25.000
Reconstructive surgery (per insured, Lifetime) $100.000
Accidental dental treatment ($500 deductible applies) $20.000
Emergency medical reunion $10.000
Repatriation of mortal remains $10.000
Travel benefits (deductible does not apply) $10.000
Ground ambulance 100%
Physical therapy / Rehabilitation (after surgery or accident) 60 sessions per year
Home health care (max. 30 days) $200
Cash benefit (in country of residence max. 10 days) $200
Routine care (deductible does not apply) after 12 months $700
Well Child Care $50 per visita
Psychiatric/psychological consultations (max.15 visits) $150 per visit
Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction $4.000
Vaccines included within child well care
Accidental Death : Main Insured $10.000 / Spouse $5.000 / Children $2.500
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (for main insured and spous - optional) up to $100.000

This page and its contents are for informational purposes only. For full legal description of the plan benefits please refer to the policy documents.